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Working Group on Public Audit Deficits

The impact of the current financial and economic crisis cannot be underestimated, for Euro-countries as well as non-Euro-countries. This includes the role of SAIs regarding the audit of (new) arrangements, measures and instruments developed in the EU to counter the crisis. The Contact Committee followed the proposal of the SAI of the Netherlands and decided in their meeting of 13 and 14 October 2011 to establish a working group on public audit deficits (Contact Committee Resolution CC-R-2011-05).
The working group was mandated to undertake a pilot study consisting of an information request to financial supervisory authorities (FSA) in order to identify possible public audit deficits related to SAI mandate coverage and information access rights. The Contact Committee requested that the working group report back on the results of the pilot study at its next meeting in 2012.
The SAI of the Netherlands co-ordinated this working group. The pilot study was carried out by 13 national SAIs and the European Court of Auditors. In October 2012 the final report and a resolution were presented and adopted by the Contact Committee (Contact Committee Resolution CC-R-2012-03).
For further information contact:
Mr Peter van Roozendaal, Netherlands Court of Audit (

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Access of Supreme Audit Institutions to the main financial supervisors in EU Member States

The audit pilot study shows among other things that seven out of the 13 national SAIs that participated have no mandate to audit the FSA. Hence, these SAIs have no access to the supervisory FSA-files of banks. One SAI, the Algemene Rekenkamer of the Netherlands, has the mandate to audit the FSA, but does not get actual access to the supervisory files of banks at their national supervisor. Five of the 13 national SAIs and the European Court of Auditors both have the mandate and access to the FSA-files.

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