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Working Group on Public Procurement / Public Procurement Updating Group

In 2004 the Contact Committee set up a working group with the task of developing and managing a website dedicated to the audit of public procurement.
The Working Group on Public Procurement produced:
  • checklists for use in the financial audit of procurement,
  • a guide on EU procurement rules and relevant ECJ judgements,
  • key questions developed as reference pointers for auditors evaluating the performance of the procurement function in public sector bodies,
  • summaries of relevant reports published by the SAIs. 
The Working Group on Public Procurement fulfilled its mandate in 2008. Following its closure a Public Procurement Updating Group was mandated by the 2008 Contact Committee to update the results and data produced by the former Working Group. The Updating Group fulfilled its mandate in 2010. The updated results and data are available for public consultation.
For further information contact:
Mr Franz Wascotte (co-chair), Belgian Court of Audit (
Ms Nataša Skrt Kos (co-chair), Court of Audit of the Republic of Slovenia (

Related reports: 

Checklists for Financial and Compliance Audit of Public Procurement

The Working Group drafted a common checklist, to be used when auditing public procurement processes and meant to be relevant and applicable for audits within different frameworks and with different objectives, requirements and procedures. The checklist begins with an analysis of the procurement function, and is organised according to the main stages of the procurement process, such as pre-tender stage, choice of procurement procedure, publicity and notifications used, identification of potential bidders, evaluation of tenders and award procedure. Specific attention is given to additional works and supplies as a frequent form of direct contracting. In addition, the checklists take fraud and corruption risks into consideration.

EU Public Sector Procurement Directive 2004/18/EC - Guideline for Auditors

The Working Group submitted a comprehensive Guideline for Auditors on EU Public Sector Procurement Directive 2004/18/EC.

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