Küpsiseid reguleeriv ELi õigusakt
Vastavalt ELi direktiivile 2009/136/EÜ, informeeritakse teid sellest, et teie seadmesse salvestatakse küpsised. Te võite küpsised aktsepteerida ja süsteem jätab meelde teie keelevaliku veebilehe edaspidisteks külastusteks (ühe aasta jooksul) või mitte aktsepteerida - sellisel juhul salvestatakse teie keelevalik ainult praeguseks külastuseks. Vastava küpsisega sisestatakse teie valitud keel, kuid ei säilitata muid isikuandmeid.


In a letter, circulated on 11 March 2022, the Contact Committee expresses its solidarity with and support for the people, the state and the institutions of Ukraine, in line with the values promoted by the European Union and its Member States, notably to enhance peace and justice, and to provide unconditional support to the foundations of freedom, democracy and sovereignty. It condemns the illegal invasion perpetrated by the Russian Federation and supported by the Republic of Belarus against the sovereign state of Ukraine, which constitutes a breach of international law and a violation of human rights. The members of the EU Contact Committee hence decided to refrain from any cooperation with or participation in events or activities organised by the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation or the State Control Committee of the Republic of Belarus, or any other government institution of the Russian Federation or the Republic of Belarus.

In the spirit and in support of the statement issued by the Governing Board of EUROSAI, the SAIs of the Contact Committee call on all the INTOSAI members to reaffirm the joint commitment for peace, justice and strong institutions, and to condemn the invasion of Ukraine by all appropriate means.

Veebisaiti haldab Euroopa Kontrollikoda