Teideal Dhlí na bhFianán de chuid an AE
Más mian leat cuairt a thabhairt ar an suíomh seo, cuirtear in iúl duit, i gcomhréir le EU Directive 2009/136/EC, go gníomhófar fianán nuair a bheidh rochtain agat ar an gcóras. Murar maith leat glacadh leis sin, téigh isteach sa suíomh. Úsáidfear an fianán lena mbaineann chun do rogha teanga a stóráil ach ní choinneofar aon sonra pearsanta. Rachaidh sé in éag tar éis bliana.


With its Audit Compendia, the Contact Committee of EU supreme audit institutions (SAIs) issues publications to enhance the communication of relevant audit works to its stakeholders and the broader public.

This year’s Compendium is dedicated to cybersecurity, a topic which was already critical for our societies before COVID-19 hit. It provides background information on cybersecurity, main strategic initiatives and relevant legal bases in the EU. It also illustrates the main challenges the EU and its Member States are facing, such as threats to individual EU citizens´ rights through misuse of personal data, the risk for institutions of not being able to deliver essential public services or facing limited performance following cyberattacks. The Compendium draws on the results of audits carried out by 13 SAIs.

critical information systems and digital infrastructures against cyberattacks has become an ever-growing strategic challenge for the EU and its Member States. The question is no longer whether cyberattacks will occur, but how and when they will occur. This concerns us all: individuals, businesses and public authorities.

EU SAIs and the European Court of Auditors have therefore geared up their audit work on cybersecurity, with a particular focus on data protection, system readiness for cyberattacks, and the protection of essential public utilities systems. This has to be set in a context in which the EU is aiming to become the world’s safest digital environment.

The Audit Compendium on cybersecurity is currently available in English. The other 22 EU language versions will be published in the coming weeks.

Is í Cúirt Iniúchóirí na hEorpa a dhéanann bainistiú ar an láithreán gréasáin seo.