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Audit Preview: EU Migrant return policy – cooperation with third countries on readmission

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An effective and well-managed return policy is an essential part of a comprehensive migration policy. In the EU, less than 40 % of the irregular migrants ordered to leave the EU actually return to their country of origin or a third country. In our Special Report 24/2019 on Asylum, relocation and return of migrants, we identified several reasons for low returns from Greece and Italy, and the EU in general. One of those reasons is difficulty in cooperating with migrants’ countries of origin.

In 2015, the European Commission published an EU Action Plan on Return, in which it recognised that an effective system of return requires the readmission of irregular migrants to be prioritised in relations with third countries. Readmission of own nationals is an obligation under customary international law.

In June 2016, the Commission introduced the Migration Partnership Framework, which embeds migration in the EU’s foreign policy. In March 2017, the Commission launched a Renewed Action Plan on Returns where it presented recommendations on how to make returns and readmission more effective.

This audit will focus on the measures to improve readmission cooperation with third countries, as introduced in the Commission’s action plans, and assess if the EU has succeeded in enhancing cooperation with priority third countries on the readmission of migrants.

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