Environment, Public Health and Food Safety


It has become increasingly apparent that the current approach to natural resource use and environmental protection may need to be modified in order to address the long-term stresses affecting the world’s ecosystems and the daily life of EU citizens. Our work in areas such as climate change and pollution reflect this new reality. The EU also faces new challenges in relation to public health and the food chain.

As the EU’s auditors, we also look ahead in order to help address key challenges facing the EU in future. Preserving our environment, mitigating and adapting to climate change, and fighting air, soil and water pollution present considerable challenges that can only be tackled by means of cooperation within the EU and beyond its borders. Traditionally, the EU has been a global leader in all three of these domains, but the way in which its policies are designed and implemented may need to be revisited in order to provide greater focus and effectiveness.

We will keep all these factors in mind when selecting our audit tasks and formulating recommendations for the future.