The main responsibility of BUDG is the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF), which shapes long-term EU expenditure. Managing the transition from one MFF to the next is very important for sound EU financial management. We have consistently called for increased emphasis on added value for 2021-2027, along with greater flexibility and transparency, and better accountability.  

As the EU’s auditors, we also look ahead in order to help address the key challenges facing the EU in future. Over the last decade, the EU budget has provided financial support via alternative tools such as financial instruments, public-private partnerships and budget support. We will continue to assess whether these tools, or any new EU policy implementation methods, are fit for purpose and ensure that the limited EU funds are spent efficiently and effectively. We will also closely examine any proposals to review the financing of the EU budget or to reallocate funds during the 2021-2027 programme period.

We will keep all these factors in mind when selecting our audit tasks and formulating recommendations for the future.