Originally a Candidate Countries Working Group set up to promote and facilitate small-scale, practical, hands-on cooperation between Candidate Country and EU Member State SAIs, the (renamed) Joint Working Group on Audit Activities (JWGAA) was established in 2002.

The 2004 Contact Committee confirmed the JWGAA as a key element of the post May 2004 EU enlargement framework with a mandate to contribute to maintaining the working links and cooperation between the SAIs of the Contact Committee and the Presidents’ Network (candidate and potential-candidate countries).

The JWGAA supports activities of the Presidents’ Network by providing professional, organisational and technical advice and support. It provides the Contact Committee with an annual report on the level and nature of all small-scale audit activities.

For further information contact:

Dragos Budulac, Romanian Court of Accounts,


Isabelle Berglund, Swedish National Audit Office,


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