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Joint report on the parallel audit of Medium-Term Budgetary Frameworks

In 2019, the EU Contact Committee launched a parallel audit of Medium-Term Budgetary Frameworks (MTBFs) within its Fiscal Policy Audit Network. The SAIs of Finland, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia and Sweden took part, completing the relevant national audits and assessments mostly in 2020 and 2021. The joint report collates and analyses the findings. The parallel audit focused on central government budgeting and on planning or forecasting expenditure at least three years forward. The audit aimed to assess the practical implementation of medium-term expenditure objectives and forecasts in budget planning, and their functionality in national and EU contexts.

CC Audit Compendium on the response to COVID-19

This year’s edition of the Audit Compendium addresses challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic, which is behind one of the most disruptive health crises the world has ever seen, with a major impact on society, economies and individuals everywhere. It provides information on the impact of and the response to the pandemic at national and supranational level, and gives an overview of the pertinent audit work carried out and published in 2020 by eleven EU supreme audit institutions.

EU Contact Committee statement (CC 1/2021)

in support of the constitutional role, mandate and independence of the Audit Office of the Republic of Cyprus

CC Audit Compendium – Cybersecurity

This year’s Audit Compendium is dedicated to cybersecurity, a topic which was already critical for our societies before COVID-19 hit. It provides background information on cybersecurity, main strategic initiatives and relevant legal bases in the EU. It also illustrates the main challenges the EU and its Member States are facing, such as threats to individual EU citizens´ rights through misuse of personal data, the risk for institutions of not being able to deliver essential public services or facing limited performance following cyberattacks. The Compendium draws on the results of audits carried out by 13 SAIs.

Contact Committee report on the “Preparation for resolution of medium-sized and small banks in the euro area”

The report has been prepared by the Contact Committee’s Task Force on Banking Union and sets out the findings of a parallel audit on banking resolution at national level. The report is the result of parallel audit work carried out by the SAIs of Austria, Estonia, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain. The task force was co-chaired by the SAIs of Germany and the Netherlands.



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