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Working group on preventing and combatting irregularities and fraud

A working group was set up by the Contact Committee of EU Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) at its meeting in Riga (Latvia) on 19 June 2015, in order to strengthen cooperation between the SAIs in preventing and combatting irregularities and fraud, and so safeguard EU revenue. The group’s specific objectives are as follows:
  • to target key areas in preventing and combatting fraud by promoting uniform monitoring in various Member States and drawing up proposals for improving EU legislation;
  • to enhance cooperation with OLAF, in particular in the use of its database for monitoring irregularities and fraud, with a view to creating national databases;
  • to harmonise the action undertaken by European audit institutions to prevent and combat irregularities and fraud;
  • to strengthen the “control chain”;
  • to improve procedures to recover national and European resources;
  • to draw up proposals to improve current European standards.
For further information, please contact:
Giovanni Coppola, Corte dei conti (
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