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Working Group on Value Added tax

The Working Group on Value Added Tax was established as a forum for the exchange of experiences about the functioning of the VAT system in the EU, with special attention to:
  1. general trends in the VAT area;
  2. administrative cooperation among Member States;
  3. measuring VAT loss due to fraud, and assessing effectiveness of anti-fraud policies;
  4. tackling intra-community VAT fraud;
  5. monitoring developments in the area of VAT;
  6. promoting cooperation on VAT audit.
For further information contact:
Mr Giovanni Coppola, Corte dei conti (

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Activity Report 2004 of the Working Group on Value Added Tax

In this report the Working Group submitted to the Contact Committee information on the Working Group’s background and past activities on the occasion of the first Contact Committee meeting following the 2004 EU enlargement.

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