The Working Group on the Conference on the Future of Europe is pleased to invite you to the webinar

Online discussion: How have recent developments changed the policy landscape in migration, energy dependence and defence? And how do these changes invite new insights and actions from SAIs?

Wednesday to (CET), via Microsoft Teams

As the EU evolves and responds to the challenges in its environment, most recently the invasion of Ukraine, it is imperative that SAIs stay ahead of the curve and reflect on their strategic priorities.

This webinar, in cooperation with the German, Lithuanian and Swedish SAIs, explores the challenges linked to auditing migration, energy dependence and defence issues. It will also offer an exchange of ideas on how audit institutions can adapt to the new paradigm as their tasks change, and explore new avenues for deepening cooperation between SAIs.

ECA President Klaus-Heiner Lehne will provide opening remarks. ECA Members Leo Brincat, Joëlle Elvinger and Juhan Parts will each set the scene for a discussion of one of these policy areas, before representatives of each of the three national SAIs provide a short presentation on the respective topic, based on their relevant audits. Each session will conclude with a Q&A. ECA Member Annemie Turtelboom will present the closing remarks.

Please note that the webinar will be recorded and shared within the ECA. However, due to the expected high number of participants, microphones and cameras will be disabled by default, except for the panel speakers. Participants will be invited to insert their questions and comments in the chat and we will address them in the Q&A sessions.