​Why our staff is enthusiastic about working at the ECA? Because…

  • It is an outstanding opportunity for pursuing an international career in public-sector auditing, and in other areas.

  • They are part of the European institution created to safeguard the EU’s finances.

  • They work in a multicultural and multilingual environment with professional colleagues from all EU Member States.

  • They contribute to making the EU run better and to ensuring that EU citizens get value for their money.

The ECA’s staff includes a mix of professions: auditors, of course, but also translators, lawyers, human-resources specialists, archivists and librarians, doctors, communications experts, computer and data scientists, specialists in logistics and security, and administrative assistants.

We mainly recruit officials (appointed indefinitely) through competitions organised by the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO). Occasionally, we also hire staff directly on fixed-term contracts, temporary or contract agents, in which cases we publish the call for expression of interest on our job opportunities page. Three times a year, we take on board trainees, in all areas of our work; for more information, see the traineeships page. We also have exchange programmes with national audit bodies, allowing us to host a number of seconded national experts (SNEs) each year.

Our staff comprises secretaries/clerks, assistants, administrators and managers. Secretaries/clerks are generally involved in office management, security or driving services, and providing administrative and technical support. Assistants provide executive and technical support in a variety of fields. Administrators work in high-responsibility positions. Managers are responsible for strategy, foresight, and people management.

The legal basis for all employment is the Staff Regulations of officials of the European Union and the Conditions of employment of other servants of the European Union(opens in new window).

For more information, see the ECA’s Social Balance Sheet.

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