​The ECA’s publications and archives

Most ECA publications are available on our website.

The ECA’s archives contain all of the institution’s reports and opinions since . Paper copies of documents published up to have been transferred to our holding at the Historical Archives of the European Union in Florence.

ECA Library

The ECA Library is primarily for the use of ECA staff, but is also open to staff from the other EU institutions and, on request, to external researchers. The collection features a wide range of publications on audit, accounting, EU law and EU policy areas. It includes books, periodicals, press services, reference works and databases in electronic and printed format. The entire collection can be searched online using the public tool BibliotECA Discovery.

Access to documents

The ECA strives to be of service to EU citizens, conducting its activity to the highest standards of transparency, accountability and integrity.

Legal basis

Requests for access to documents are handled in accordance with the principle of the right to good administration and the principle of transparency, and with ECA Decision No 12-2005 regarding public access to Court documents, as amended by ECA Decision No 14-2009.

Requesting access

Requests for access to documents should be sent using our Contact form, and can be written in any official EU language.

Processing of requests

Each request is carefully assessed within 15 working days of receipt. The decision to allow or refuse access will depend on whether there is a need to protect any public or private interests, chiefly under the international audit standards on the confidential nature of audit information.


If we have to refuse access to some or all of a document, you may submit a written appeal (a “confirmatory application”) to the President of the ECA, within 15 working days of receiving our reply, asking us to reconsider our position. We will reply in writing within 15 working days of registering your appeal.

Further appeal

If we continue to refuse access to a document, or if we fail to reply on time, you may seek redress by submitting a complaint to the European Ombudsman, or by opening court proceedings against the ECA.

Other legal references

Treaty on European Union:(opens in new window) Article 10(3) on citizens’ right to participate in the democratic life of the Union

Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union: (opens in new window) Article 15(1) on transparency in the work of the EU institutions; Article 15 (3)(opens in new window) on the right of access to documents

Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU: (opens in new window) Article 41 on the right to good administration

Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU:  Article 42 on the right of access to documents

ECA Decision No 66-2011 laying down ethical guidelines​ for the European Court of Auditors(opens in new window)

European Code of Good Administrative Behaviour(opens in new window)

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