Annual reports concerning the financial year 2022
ECA 2022 annual report – Glossary
2022 annual report - The 10 most frequently asked questions
ANNUAL REPORT - Key figures for 2022
Special report 23/2023: Restructuring and planting vineyards in the EU
Special report 21/2023: The Spotlight Initiative to end violence against women and girls
Special report 22/2023: Offshore renewable energy in the EU
ASPIRE programme
Special report 19/2023: EU efforts for sustainable soil management
Review 04/2023: Digitalising the management of EU funds
Guide to our methodology
Special report 17/2023: Circular economy
Financial year 2022 - Report of the authorising officer by delegation (pursuant to Article 74(9) of the Financial Regulation)
Special report 18/2023: EU climate and energy targets
Special report 15/2023: The EU’s industrial policy on batteries
Special report 16/2023: NGEU debt management at the Commission
Special report 14/2023: Programming the Neighbourhood, Development and International Cooperation Instrument – Global Europe
ECA sustainability report 2022
Special report 12/2023: EU supervision of banks’ credit risk
Special report 13/2023: Authorised Economic Operators – Solid customs programme with untapped potential and uneven implementation
Our activities in 2022 – Annual activity report of the European Court of Auditors
Special report 10/2023: The Preparatory action on defence research – Some lessons learned, but value as a testbed for increasing EU defence spending reduced due to time constraints and limited results
Special report 11/2023: EU support for the digitalisation of schools
Special report 09/2023: Securing agricultural product supply chains during COVID-19
Review 03/2023: Transport of live animals in the EU: challenges and opportunities
ECA Journal N° 1/2023 – Is the EU’s energy transition getting into gear?
Special report 08/2023: Intermodal freight transport: EU still far from getting freight off the road
Audit preview 02/2023: Artificial intelligence in the EU
Special report 06/2023: Conflict of interest in EU cohesion and agricultural spending
Special report 07/2023: Design of the Commission’s control system for the RRF
Special report 05/2023: The EU’s financial landscape – A patchwork construction requiring further simplification and accountability
Special report 04/2023: The Global Climate Change Alliance(+) – Achievements fell short of ambitions
Opinion 01/2023 (pursuant to Article 287(4), TFEU) concerning the European Public Prosecutor’s Office proposal for an amendment to the Conditions of Employment of the European Delegated Prosecutors with a view to adjusting their base remuneration
Special report 02/2023: Adapting cohesion policy rules to respond to COVID-19
Special Report 03/2023: Internal electricity market integration
Audit preview 01/2023: The rule of law and the Commission’s action to protect the EU’s financial interests in the cohesion policy and the RRF
Review 01/2023: EU financing through cohesion policy and the Recovery and Resilience Facility: A comparative analysis
Review 02/2023: EU actions to address the increasing amount of hazardous waste
Special report 01/2023: Tools facilitating travel within the EU during the COVID-19 pandemic
Opinion 08/2022 (pursuant to Article 322(1), TFEU) concerning the proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council establishing a Social Climate Fund as revised by the Council
Special report 28/2022: Support to mitigate Unemployment Risks in an Emergency (SURE)
ECA Journal N° 2/2022: The EU Recovery and Resilience Facility: a jump to a resilient Europe?
Special report 27/2022: EU support to cross-border cooperation with neighbouring countries
Special report 25/2022: Verification of Gross National Income for financing the EU budget. Risks in data compilation well covered overall, but scope for increased prioritisation of actions
Special Report 24/2022: e-Government actions targeting businesses – Commission’s actions implemented, but availability of e-services still varies across the EU
Report on any contingent liabilities arising as a result of the performance by the Single Resolution Board, the Council or the Commission of their tasks under this Regulation for the 2021 financial year
Special report 26/2022: European statistics – Potential to further improve quality
Report on the annual accounts of the European Schools for the financial year 2021
Opinion 07/2022 concerning the proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council amending Regulation (EU, Euratom) 2018/1046 as regards the establishment of a diversified funding strategy as a general borrowing method
Ethical guidelines for the European Court of Auditors