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Background paper: Facility for Refugees in Turkey

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The European Court of Auditors is currently examining whether the “Facility for Refugees in Turkey” is providing effective support to refugees hosted in Turkey. In 2015, the European Council called for significant additional funding to support refugees in Turkey.

The Facility was established on 1 January 2016 and has a budget of three billion euro, made up of one billion euro from the EU budget and two billion euro from national contributions from the Member States. It supports both humanitarian and non-humanitarian activities. The Facility is a coordination mechanism that aims at a swift, effective and coordinated mobilisation of the EU assistance to refugees in Turkey and is one of the EU’s major tools for addressing the refugee crisis.

Our audit aims at examining the set-up and functioning of the Facility as a whole. In particular, we will focus on the management of the Facility (i.e. the coordination, administrative arrangements, functioning and monitoring) and the results achieved by humanitarian actions supported under the Facility.