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Special report 06/2022: EU intellectual property rights - Protection not fully waterproof

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In this audit, we assessed whether intellectual property rights in EU trademarks, EU designs and geographical indications are well protected within the Single Market.

The protection is generally robust, despite some legislative shortcomings and the absence of a clear methodology for determining EU fees. There are weaknesses in the accountability framework of the European Union Intellectual Property Office, in its management of European Cooperation Projects, and in the implementation of geographical indications and customs enforcement controls, by the Commission and Member State authorities.

We recommend that the Commission complete and update the regulatory frameworks, assess the governance arrangements and methodology for determining fees, improve the geographical indications systems, and improve the enforcement framework. The European Union Intellectual Property Office should also improve the management of its European Cooperation Projects.

‚ÄčECA special report pursuant to Article 287(4), second subparagraph, TFEU.