​Here at the ECA, we believe that learning is a lifelong process. We therefore offer all our staff the opportunity to optimise their talent through training. Our training programme helps make the ECA an intellectually stimulating workplace with motivated and well-trained staff serving the EU and its citizens.


Our training catalogue covers a wide range of topics. Some of our courses are also available to the public through our ECAdemy portal.

Newly recruited auditors follow our three-year induction programme, ASPIRE, which has been in place since . In , we launched a follow-up programme, ASPIRE Alumni, to provide graduates of the programme with further professional development under the mentorship of an ECA Member.

Our auditors receive support for acquiring and maintaining professional qualifications, and our staff also have the opportunity to take part in postgraduate programmes.

Career counsellors and mentors are available to offer guidance to all ECA staff at every stage of their career.

We recognise and reward performance through empowerment, performance and knowledge-management awards, leadership development programmes, and other learning and development opportunities.

The ECA fosters mobility and encourages staff to experience different areas and responsibilities within the institution. Our staff rotation policy aims to enhance motivation, career development and audit quality while preserving professional independence. For our permanent staff, mobility between EU institutions promotes career-long learning and development.

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