Special report 11/2024: The EU’s industrial policy on renewable hydrogen
Review 03/2024: An overview of the assurance framework and the key factors contributing to errors in 2014-2020 cohesion spending
Artificial Intelligence initial strategy and deployment roadmap 2024-2025
Special report 10/2024: The recognition of professional qualifications in the EU
2023 - Activity Report of the Authorising Officer by Delegation (pursuant to Article 74(9) of the Financial Regulation)
Special report 09/2024: Security of the supply of gas in the EU
ECA Journal N° 2/2024: EU industrial policy – the solution to various dilemmas?
Special report 08/2024: EU Artificial intelligence ambition
Special report 07/2024: The Commission’s systems for recovering irregular EU expenditure
European Court of Auditors - Our activities in 2023
Special report 06/2024: The Facility for Refugees in Turkey
Special report 05/2024: EU Transparency Register
2023 Social Balance Sheet
ECA Journal N° 1/2024: Accountability and transparency: arrangements and practices
Special report 04/2024: Reaching EU road safety objectives
Review 02/2024: The Commission’s rule of law reporting
Special report 03/2024: The rule of law in the EU
Opinion 01/2024 ​​concerning the proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on establishing the Reform and Growth Facility for the Western Balkans
Review 01/2024: EU actions addressing traineeships for young people
Special report 02/2024: The coordination role of the European External Action Service
Special report 01/2024: Reducing carbon dioxide emissions from passenger cars
Special report 29/2023: The EU’s support for sustainable biofuels in transport
2024+ work programme
Special report 27/2023: Screening foreign direct investments in the EU
Special report 28/2023: Public procurement in the EU
Report on any contingent liabilities arising as a result of the performance by the Single Resolution Board, the Council or the Commission of their tasks under this Regulation for the 2022 financial year
Special report 25/2023: EU aquaculture policy
Report on the accounts of the European Schools for the 2022 financial year
Annual report on EU Joint Undertakings for the financial year 2022
Review 06/2023: The Commission’s 2022 annual management and performance report for the EU budget
Review 05/2023: Reforming the EU’s economic governance: Opportunities with risks and challenges
Special report 24/2023: Smart cities
2022 Audit of EU agencies in brief Introducing the European Court of Auditors’ 2022 annual report on EU agencies
Annual report on EU agencies for the financial year 2022
ECA Journal N° 2/2023 – Migration policy and the EU
Special report 26/2023: The Recovery and Resilience Facility’s performance monitoring framework
Special report 20/2023: Supporting people with disabilities
Special report 20/2023: Supporting persons with disabilities
Opinion 04/2023
Speech by Tony Murphy, President of the European Court of Auditors - Presentation of the ECA’s 2022 annual report Committee on Budgetary Control – European Parliament
Opinion 02/2023 concerning the proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council laying down measures to strengthen solidarity and capacities in the Union to detect, prepare for and respond to cybersecurity threats and incidents
Opinion 03/2023 concerning the proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on establishing the Ukraine Facility
Annual reports concerning the financial year 2022
2022 - EU audit in brief
2022 annual report – Glossary
2022 annual report - The 10 most frequently asked questions
Annual report - Key figures for 2022
Special report 23/2023: Restructuring and planting vineyards in the EU
Special report 22/2023: Offshore renewable energy in the EU
Special report 21/2023: The Spotlight Initiative to end violence against women and girls